Saturday, March 24, 2012

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Satellite Dish Placement

It has been noted throughout the community that many satellite dishes are improperly placed or have been abandoned.  The dishes are being installed on a/c enclosures, electrical closet roofs and support beams, as well as to the buildings.  This has or can cause damage or compromise the integrity of the support in these areas.

In order to protect the support of the above mentioned areas, prevent damage and improve the appearance of the community, the proper placement of satellite dishes will now be strictly enforced.  (For proper placement refer to the Satellite Dish Policy contained in the Policy Resolution 2011-1, General Rules and Regulations, Article VIII. Alterations to Common Elements and Units, Section C.8. – Satellite Dishes).  Note:  Satellite dishes (including TV antennas and related equipment and attachments) that are allowed under the General Rules and Regulations are to be placed entirely within the resident’s Unit or within the boundaries of that Unit’s balcony or patio, and cannot attach to or penetrate the patio or balcony structure or the Condominium building’s exterior walls or roofs.

Residents with satellite dishes need to mark their satellite dish with their Unit’s number in black on the arm of the satellite dish where it can be easily seen by no later than April 23 , 2012.  After this date, if a satellite dish does not have a Unit's number on it or if BRC cannot resonably determine by an exterior visual inspection which Unit the dish is providing service to, then that dish will be considered abandoned and BRC may have it removed by maintenance personnel and disposed of without further notice.  Non-working satellite dishes need to be removed by the Unit Owner/renter.  However, if a dish is attached to the Condominium building’s exterior walls or roof, the Unit Owner or renter must contact BRC management to arrange for removal of the dish at the cost of the Unit Owner/renter, so that BRC can ensure that additional damage is not caused to the common elements and that any damage is properly repaired.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the Unit Owner/renter to ensure that satellite dishes are properly installed in compliance with the General Rules and Regulations for satellite dishes by the dish installer.

If a Unit Owner/renter wants to install a satellite dish in a location or manner not specifically authorized under the General Rules and Regulations, the Unit Owner must submit a  written variance request to the BRC Board of Directors through Management requesting approval of the desired location and manner  for the dish installation; the installation of the satellite dish cannot be done until and unless the Unit Owner receives written notice from Management that the BRC Board approved the requested variance. 

Please be aware that the BRC Board’s granting of a variance is a matter within the Board’s sole discretion and the Board reserves the right to reject all variance requests (e.g., to protect the common elements of the Condominium from damage or potential damage).

If you have a dish that is installed in a location or manner in violation of the General Rules and Regulations, you must have the dish relocated and properly installed by no later than April 23, 2012; if you have not timely relocated or propertly installed the dish by this deadline, you must must by April 23rd, submit written notice to Management explaining the circumstances in detail and your request for an extension of time; your request will be reviewed by the BRC Board.   Written notices to Management or the BRC Board are to be forwarded to:

Bull Run Condominium, Inc.
c/o Capitol Management Corporation
12011 Lee Jackson Highway, Suite 350
Fairfax, VA 22033

Owners who are non-compliant (or whose tenants are non-compliant) with the appropriate placement of satellite dishes or removal of non-working satellite dishes by the April 23, 2012 deadline will first be sent a warning letter to comply.  If compliance still is not met, the Board reserves the right to assess violation charges against the responsible Unit Owner at a rate of $10.00/day for as long as the violation continues (up to 90 days).  In addition to assessing violation charges and other available remedies, the Board may remove non-compliant dishes from the Condominium buildings’ walls and roofs, and assess against the responsible Unit Owner the cost incurred by the BRC to repair any damage caused to the Condominium’s common elements (including repair of damage caused by improper installation).  

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting the structural integrity of our community buildings and enhancing the appearance of our community.    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Property Manager, L. Peyton Harris III at 703-934-5200 ext 12.  Thank you!!

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